New perspective in the design of quality management systems

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José G. Vargas-Hernández
Patricia Calderón Campos
Felipe Palomares Salceda
Rebeca Almanza Jiménez


This article aims to analyze the different trends and models of the current quality management systems, identifying areas of opportunity in these to establish proposals for care that give rise to a new management system, flexible, efficient and effective Supported by a system of sociotechnical work. The competitive climate in today's business has multiplied significantly in the face of the dynamics of change and the presence of ever shorter business cycles. It is a fact that in the last decades the market has been acquiring an increasing dynamism. Today, companies are developing in a more competitive national and international economy, with increasing demands for productivity, where market laws force them to deepen and change strategies and policies, to plan, create and innovate, to have a high degree of resilience and Sensitivity to anticipate future needs and to be able to survive and develop in a complex and increasingly competitive environment. In these times the markets are increasingly informed, so their expectations are increasingly demanding, for this reason is that quality becomes a differentiating element and at the same time the key factor of a company's lasting success.


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